E-Choppers are emission free and make almost no sound. This way you can enjoy a tour around Haarlem without worrying about damaging the environment or disturbing the wildlife. E-Choppers are a great way to relax and enjoy the the beautiful architecture and scenery in and around Haarlem.

SUP Boards

The best way to cool down is to dive in the water. Enjoy Haarlem from a unique perspective, with our SUP Boards.The classic Dutch canals of Haarlem offer great views of the architectural beauties in the city. Our SUP tours have the perfect balance between exercise, scenery and water. Getting hot? Just jump in the water!


Cycle around Haarlem on one of our cool E-Fatbikes. These retro looking electric bicycles are fast and fun. Enjoy the great views Haarlem has to offer while also staying healthy by getting your daily activity on the E-Fatbike. The Dutch are famous for their bicycles and special bicycle lanes. A great Dutch way to tour around Haarlem! 

Available Soon!